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"Escape the competition through authenticity...every human is different.

Do not copy".

- Naval Ravikant

Find your voice.

Book your oboe class, but if you are of another instrument you are also welcome.
  • Repertorio, columna de aire, planes de estudio, técnicas extendidas. (...

    55 min

    500 Mexican pesos
  • Repertorio de audiciones, planes de estudio, aprender a escucharte y e...

    55 min

    650 Mexican pesos
  • Clase para 2 o más personas donde veremos repertorio, aprender a escuc...

    55 min

    1,000 Mexican pesos
person standing with a baroque oboe

We are the result of a mixture of experiences.

With 30 years of experience in concerts, tours and classes with a number of teachers of different styles and countries, I have "stolen" a little from each so I could find my own voice. Thanks to that, during the last few years I have been focusing on developing a productive study and preparation system to achieve the necessary goals and excel in those areas

I have a complete training in general repertoire from Hotteterre to world premiers. From the beginnings of the baroque oboe and historically informed performance all the way to extended techniques on the oboe. 
For two years I took a course with the audition commission of the Concertgebouw orchestra and I have developed a precise, effective and practical method to prepare your repertoire.

From the first day to the day of the audition, I will give you a study and preparation plan.

With about 20 years of experience in chamber music I have trained myself to be flexible and be able to fit into any ensemble and orchestra.

My goal is that you feel comfortable playing, doing auditions and above all that you enjoy the music.

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