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Carlos Felipe Rosas

Person checking the mechanics of an oboe

About me.

Carlos is an experienced oboist with more than 30 years of experience. He is currently the Deputy Principal of the National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico and is pursuing a doctorate in music performance at UC San Diego.

He has a master's degree with Cum Laude, specialized in contemporary oboe, awarded by the Amsterdam Conservatory in the Netherlands.

In addition to his training in contemporary music, chamber music and as a soloist, he has studied baroque oboe and has extensive demonstrated experience in musical pedagogy.

Carlos is completely committed to the modernization and accessibility of music education.



Bachelor's degree in Music

Autonomous University of Baja California.

Boris Glouzman, oboe 


Master in Music
Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Ernest Rombout, modern oboe.
Jan Kouwenhoven, orchestral practices.
Alfredo Bernardini, baroque oboe.

2023 - 

Doctor in Musical Arts 

University of California, San Diego

Carlos plays with: 

- Oboe

Rigoutat J

- English Horn

Lorée Royal

- Baroque oboe

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